The value of air quality has long been underestimated. Until recently, people have often disregarded the importance of air quality concerns due to its being invisible to the eye. However, pollutants can be two to five times worse indoors than outdoors. Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors. This is a driving reason to ensure the air you breathe in is safe.

Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in America next to smoking. It accumulates in homes and buildings and remains undetectable to the human senses. For this reason, specialized testing devices are needed and are of the utmost importance.

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At Professional Home Inspection Service of Binghamton, Ithaca, Cooperstown, and Cortland, NY, we have the expertise to provide our clients with any range of radon services, from full system implementations to older radon system repairs. Quite often, the initial installations we come across are not up to current standards. Many systems have not been installed correctly to any standards. Many of our customers are often surprised to find installing a new system more affordable than updating their old one.

While not all states regulate and require certification, all PHIS inspectors and installers are certified regardless and follow all NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program) and adhere to the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and AARST (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologist) standards to provide you with the peace of mind and expertise you deserve. We are recognized by the NYS Department of Health as Testers and Mitigators and also NYS ELAP (Environmental Laboratory Approval Program) approved for radon laboratories. The health and safety of our clients are always our top priority, which is why we take pride in ensuring each installation is done efficiently and correctly, every time.


We offer complete updates of the systems to bring them into compliance with current standards, including:

  • Correct Basic Installations
  • Correct Any Wiring Issues
  • Evaluate Connections and Couplings
  • Install a New Manometer (U-Tube)
  • Install an Audible Alarm System
  • Replace Connecting Boots
  • Seal Floor Cracks That Are Causing Pressure Field Extension Issues
  • Clean and Inspect Fan
  • Install a Long-Term Radon ALPHA AIR Tester
  • Install Correct Piping (Schedule 40 PVC pipe)


One-third of radon system issues involve crawl spaces not being addressed when radon systems are initially installed. It is an industry-standard to properly seal off the dirt portions of the crawl spaces with a specific and approved membrane during installation. This membrane lies directly on the soil and is sealed to walls and any penetrations. The crawlspace is the most vulnerable area for radon to enter a home because of its direct exposure to soil. Regardless of this being crucial and standard, this is something not all service providers include and results in thousands of dollars worth of repairs needed to the system. Homeowners often fail to retest after installation so this issue can often go overlooked. This is why it is of the utmost importance to invest in trained professionals who care about your health and understand the importance of quality standards. Mitigators should always provide you with testing results in all of the basement configurations. Ie, above crawlspace or slab on grades.

Another place homeowners go wrong is upkeep. It is extremely important to keep up with regular testing, at least every two years. Systems require maintenance in order to work towards your best benefit, which is why PHIS offers an annual system check and annual maintenance programs in Binghamton, Ithaca, Cooperstown, and Cortland, NY.


When we are initially contacted, we first begin by placing a radon monitor in the home or building. This allows us to monitor the radon levels for at least 48 hours. This gives a benchmark number to work from to design our system. After the system is installed and operating it takes the building 24 hours to change its dynamic equilibrium. The monitors will then monitor for the next 48 hours minimum to give us an accurate level of the radon levels. PHIS guarantees our work to fix a radon issue. The monitoring of radon levels guides our process and we will always return (free of charge) until the issue is resolved and levels are lowered to healthy amounts.

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