A naturally occurring material, asbestos was once utilized predominantly for its heat-resistant properties. Primarily used as building insulation, once exposed to the air, asbestos can be toxic for human exposure. As particles in the insulation are exposed to air and break down, they become trapped in the body, posing an extremely hazardous and carcinogenic threat to human health. People are typically at risk of exposure during remodels, which is why it is crucial to have your home or building assessed before changes are made.


Typically occurring at the beginning of a remodel, asbestos testing involves the testing of any suspect material apart from glass, rubber, wood, or steel. This can include anything from walls, ceilings, and floors. Our certified professionals perform a thorough analysis of the home, searching for any potential source of asbestos. They then take a sample, following strict procedural guidelines, to ensure asbestos exposure throughout the entire home or building is accurately assessed. This generally involves taking multiple samples from different areas and materials within the home. That sample, typically between the size of a quarter or half-dollar, is analyzed in a timely manner to provide you with a highly advanced analysis to help you get started on your remediation journey.


Our report includes a description of the observed conditions, an explanation of the implications of any deficiencies, and appropriately recommended remedial actions. Our reports are divided into three parts:

  • Summary of each system and its basic condition ("Satisfactory", "Review", "Attention")
  • Listing of any components or systems that have been significantly upgraded
  • In-depth narrative of all systems. (Photos are included in the narrative, as well as general recommendations on how to repair any defects.)


At Professional Home Inspection Service, we are able to complete all of your home inspection needs. This includes: