Environmental Testing

Additional Services

In addition to our home inspections, we offer a wide variety of additional testing or sampling services for your home, commercial property, or school.

Mold Testing & Assessment

While observations regarding mold and conditions conducive to mold may be addressed in our general home inspection reports, it may be appropriate to order separate mold inspection and testing if a more comprehensive and detailed evaluation is desired. We are NYS certified mold assessors and can assist you in evaluating the risks associated with mold in the home, perform sampling if necessary, and design mold remediation plans.

Lead Paint Testing

Paint and varnishes mixed with white lead have been used for the last hundred plus years in and on our homes. While it was banned in 1978, older homes are likely to contain potentially harmful lead. Loose, chipping, or damaged paint in particular can be ingested and result in serious health issues, especially for young children. Well maintained lead paint may not pose a health issue, but if lead paint is a concern for you, we can sample the paint and arrange for laboratory testing.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is included in numerous products in and around our homes, but especially in pipe insulation, duct wrap and tape, vermiculite insulation, and in vinyl flooring. Asbestos is a carcinogen and can cause lethal asbestosis and mesothelioma. Our inspectors are prepared to identify the most common suspected asbestos containing materials in your home and to discuss your asbestos concerns. We are also certified to sample asbestos for you if needed.


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