Lead-based paint is paint containing lead, for the purpose of accelerated drying times, improved resilience to degradation, color vibrancy, and prevention of moisture-related breakdown. Commonly used until the late 1970s, as lead paint breaks down and chips it becomes toxic as it can be breathed in and cause harm to humans. Lead poses a very serious threat to human neurological health, with high exposure resulting in issues related to both brain and body development as well as organ failure. Lead paint, specifically lead paint chips, are sweet-tasting, posing a unique and highly dangerous risk for children specifically. Because so many of our modern homes were built during times when lead paint was still in prevalent use, it is always important to have your home tested.

Lead Testing in Binghamton, Ithaca, Cooperstown, and Cortland, NY

Lead paint testing is referred to as a survey. This is the process during which our team will analyze any problem areas in the building or home, most common areas with chipping paint such as windows or doorways. We will always pull two samples of the same material to ensure accuracy in our results. Samples are then sent to our lab where results are analyzed and then sent back in a report. This thorough evaluation analyzes exposures within a 24-hour turnaround to ensure your health is our top priority.


Under federal law, if a mitigation company is hired, a third party must be called in to assess the site after the project is complete. Professional Home Inspection Service is able to act as this third party, taking current samples to ensure the remediation either encapsulate or removes all contaminants safely and correctly. We then take ghost wipes, which ensure that any surface the crew has worked around has not been newly contaminated. This involves service sampling five different areas in the home within the mitigation site to ensure absolutely no transference has occurred. Up to 75% of samples fail this test the first time around, making it even more imperative that we continue to hold standards to the highest levels.