Well Water Testing

A clean, safe and reliable water supply is critical. Our firm provides professional well water sampling and well yield testing. We conduct professional well and spring water sampling for a wide variety of potential contaminants. While regular testing is required for public and commercial water supplies but not private water, it is a best practice to test your private well water when financing or refinancing your residence. Well water should be tested once per year to ensure its quality. In addition, testing is highly recommended when gas well exploration activities are imminent. We have a long-term relationship with Microbac Laboratories, Inc, in Cortland NY, assuring quality service and a quick turnaround time for water testing in New York State and Pennsylvania.


Why Test

Although not required in New York state, private well testing is extremely important. Unlike municipal water supplies, private wells are not required to adhere to EPA safety regulations. This means that individual well owners are responsible for monitoring and caring for the quality of their well water. Contaminants such as heavy metals, radon, nitrites, nitrates, and coliform E. coli can be toxic to human health and should always be tested for in private water supplies.

Well water should be tested on a yearly basis or as often as every six months. Other than testing, there is no way to know if your water is contaminated, making regular testing paramount. Additionally, private wells should always be tested following the installation of a new pump to ensure it is working correctly. If you notice any change in the taste or smell of your water, always test it.


Our Process

At Professional Home Inspection Services, we are diligent in following all of New York State’s regulations. We take each client, and the health of them and their families, very seriously. It is our commitment to each customer to offer the very best water testing services in New York and Pennsylvania. We invest in training courses for all of our staff and will always send a thoroughly trained and competent staff member to test your water source. You can view New York State’s water quality testing regulations on the Department of Environmental Conservation website.

Below are the basic steps to our testing process:

  • Call us to let us know you need testing for your private well
  • We determine what tests you want (water quality and/or water flow) and what contaminants you want to test for
  • We set a date for our on-site inspection and arrive on our agreed upon date and time
  • We turn on your kitchen faucet & let the water run for about five minutes
  • We shut it off then clean the faucet area well with an alcohol swab (We repeat this step two more times)
  • We take our sample from the running water (we most commonly begin with a coliform E. Coli test and from there can test for lead, nitrite, and nitrate)
  • The test is sent to our partnering lab and we receive results within two to seven days
  • We call you with your results & review them with you
  • We refer you to top professional colleagues who can aid you in your remediation!

Regardless of what contaminants we encounter, there is always a solution. Prioritize your health and stay on top of your well water quality with Professional Home Inspection Services. Call us now and schedule your consultation today!

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