Radon Service & Repair

We Service and Repair ALL Radon Systems

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Most Systems Can Be Repaired For Less Than $1,000

We offer complete updates of the systems to bring into compliance with current standards, including:

  • Correct basic installations
  • Correct any wiring issues
  • Evaluate connections and couplings
  • Install a new manometer
  • Install an audible alarm system
  • Replace connecting boots
  • Seal floor cracks that are causing pressure field extension issues
  • Clean and inspect fan
  • Install a long-term radon ALPHA AIR Tester

Optional pre radon testing and post testing; we cannot guarantee radon levels. If radon levels are above the action level, additional work may be required to be done. The cost of this work would be above the typical radon system upgrade. Radon testing would be at our current rate for radon testing.

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