Radon Mitigation

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas emanating from the small amount of uranium found in the soil below our homes. It is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and can enter into our homes and buildings. You can’t see or smell Radon so specialized testing devices are needed. Our inspectors are certified in New York and Pennsylvania to use top-quality electronic equipment to test for the presence of elevated Radon levels in homes, commercial buildings, and schools.

Our Process


We begin with an assessment of where the house or building is located and examine the construction style. This will help determine the sizing of the fans as well as the system design, along with pressure field extension studies, to be sure we have negative pressure under the basement floor.

Make the extraction point

This involves creating a hole and mining out 5 gallons of dirt, triple sealing a 21-inch vinyl disc, and keeping the extraction point away from the footer of the house or building.

Run pipe to the fan

A condensate trap is installed above the fan to prevent moisture from freezing the fan in the winter or the degradation of the fan motor and the propellers.

Install Bracket

The bracket holds the pipe and fan in place on the outside of the house/building, extending above the roofline.

Install electric outlet boxes

This powers the alarm on the inside of the house or building and the fan switch which is on the outside next to the fan.

Install manometer

This is a U-shaped tube that acts as a visual gauge, monitoring the operation of the fan. The electric alarm will alert you in case of fan system failure.

Test the system

We are a New York State certified ELAP lab and conduct all our testing ourselves.

It takes 24 hours for a house to reach its dynamic equilibrium, clearing it of radon. All of our systems are post-tested to determine that are working to reduce the radon level below the level of 4 pCi/L or if desired below 2pCi/L. (picocurries per liter)

In total, our process takes around 3-4 hours.

Our two-man team ensures an efficient and timely installation is always the standard, taking care to utilize runners, and clean and vacuum the space before leaving.

We’ll Take Care of You

Since 1989, Professional Home Inspection Service has installed thousands of radon mitigation systems in the Southern Tier and North East Pennsylvania. Radon mitigation systems continuously draw harmful radon gas out from below the home and vent the gases harmlessly into the atmosphere.

Why Choose Professional Home Inspection Systems:

  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Guaranteed system: 100% for 3 years and backed by a 5-year fan warranty
  • Systems can usually be installed with minimal disruption in the home in one day
  • Timely scheduling within a week or two of your call

We Are Qualified

We are NYS-listed, certified Radon Mitigation Contractor. We are also certified to install radon mitigation systems in Pennsylvania. Check out the NYS Health Department website for additional information.

If you are receiving competing bids for radon mitigation, be aware that sometimes radon retesting, back-draft testing to ensure a safe installation, and the NYS required “right of cancellation” fee are left out of price estimates. Our priority is always our clients and their safety. We remain committed to open and honest communication, offering you the best price possible. Professional Home Inspection Service also provides extended warranties and upgrades to existing radon systems. Let us know if we can help you ensure a healthy and safe interior environment.

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