Our Qualifications

George Schambach

Licensed Home Inspector, Laboratory Director, Laboratory QA Officer, Owner, and President

EPA Lead Risk Assessor #NY-R-127227-1
NYS Home Inspector Lic. #16000009941
PA DEP Radon Measurement ID #2881
PA DEP Radon Mitigator ID #2100
NYS DEC Pest Tech. T7836528
ASHI ACI #245256
HUD Inspector #V493
AARST/NRPP Radon Measurement #108792RT
AARST/NRPP Radon Mitigation #108793RMT
NYS Asbestos Sampler/Inspector #10-13030
NYS Asbestos Air Tech #10-13030
NYS Asbestos Supervisor #10-13030
NYS Asbestos Project Monitor #10-13030
NYS Mold Assessor   MA00207

Keith Oberg

Licensed Home Inspector

NYS Home Inspector Lic. #16000006691
PA DEP Radon Testing ID #8363
PA DEP Radon Mitigation ID #7254
ASHI ACI #10402

Fred Adams

Licensed Home Inspector

NYS Home Inspector 16000134668
ASHI Member #268944
AARST/NRPP Radon Mitigation 111267 RMP
AARST/NRPP  Radon Measurement 112168 RMS
NYS Asbestos Project Monitor 893623
NYS DEC Pest Tech T-  7894253
PA DEP Mitigation   7256
PA DEP Measurement 8603

Eric Roth

Licensed Home Inspector

NYS Home Inspector 16000120621
ASHI #267899
NYS DEC Pest Tech T-  7893909
NYS Asbestos Inspector  87-1206

Jeff Masse

Radon Mitigation Specialist 

Stacy Wilcox

Office Coordinator

We’ve Written the Book

Inspector Keith Oberg has written an E-book, “What to Look For When You’re Looking For a Home.” This 103 page booklet includes a general guide to structural and mechanical issues, an easy to use inspection checklist, a seller questionnaire, a review of environmental health issues, and much more.

We know that home buyers must make choices regarding their prospective home purchase before they can bring their inspector on site. This book is designed to provide the basic background information necessary to assist in making an informed home search. At just $4.99, it’s a small investment that could save you thousands when looking for your dream home.