Home Inspections

What’s a Home Inspection and Why do I Need One?

A home inspection is a thorough and methodical visual inspection of a home’s structural, mechanical, and safety components and systems, and a written report of the observed conditions. For most of us, buying a home is probably one of the most expensive purchases we’ll ever make. Before purchasing a house to become your family’s home, it should be thoroughly inspected to make sure there are no safety issues, and also to determine any deficiencies that will need expensive repairs. Not having a home inspected at the time of purchase can turn your “dream home” into your worst nightmare.   We know the questions you need answers to, and will endeavor to make your investment worthwhile.  If the house isn’t sound, we’ll tell you what needs to be done to the house to make it so.  Do not allow yourself to be pressured into buying without an honest representation of what you’re getting.  Our goal is to make sure you’re aware of the home’s reality. We do also offer commercial inspections for other properties.

Ours are the Most Thorough

Even though it’s called a “General Home Inspection,” it is rather extensive and includes the foundation, framing, roofing, exterior finishes, exterior water control systems and drainage, doors and windows, interior finishes, insulation and thermal barriers, porches, decks, stairs and rails, safety alarms, plumbing and water heating, heating and air conditioning, electrical service and distribution, ventilation systems, kitchen appliances, limited environmental issues, and garage systems.

… inspector has put new meaning to “leave no stone unturned”.
- Shalom H.

Our Inspection Reports are the Best

There is a tremendous amount of valuable information included in the report. It is important that the client read the entire report thoroughly. While many other inspectors focus on a short, quick to read report, we believe that an in-depth report provides you with the best analysis of your family’s home. Our report includes a description of the observed conditions, an explanation of the implications of any deficiencies, and appropriate recommended remedial actions. Our reports are divided into three parts: a summary listing each system and its basic condition (“Satisfactory”, “Review”, “Attention”), a listing of any components or systems that have been significantly upgraded, and then an in-depth narrative of all systems. Photos are included in the narrative, as well as general recommendations on how to repair any defects.

The Home Inspection may include Radon Testing, and a wood-destroying insect inspection. It may also include water testing for lead, depending on the age of the home and piping.
If the home is located in the country without municipal water or sewer, the home inspection may include Radon, wood-destroying insect inspection, septic dye testing, well flow testing, and well water testing, which should include coliform, e coli. nitrite , nitrate and lead if it is a FHA, VA, or USDA loan home.  Contact us for more information.

Join Us for the Inspection

We strongly encourage our clients to join us for the inspection, so that they can better understand our findings, and ask questions. An inspection normally takes about two and a half to three hours on site.

Free Follow Up

Upon receiving your inspection report, you will almost certainly have questions. Great! We encourage you to contact us. We’re happy to take whatever time is needed, at no cost to you, to explain any issues with a house and discuss options for repairing it. Questions that are emailed to us from our area and around the country are posted to our Ask The Experts so that anyone can see the answers.


Our home inspections – with you joining us, a comprehensive best-in-the-industry reports, and free follow up are priced at just $400 (additional fees apply for multi-unit buildings). Schedule yours today!

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