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Things to Consider When Selecting a Vacation Home

When shopping for a vacation home it is easy to overlook the condition of the structure while you are focusing on finding the right location at an affordable price. However, as home inspectors, we recommend that you take a moment to think about what you are looking for in terms of the building itself.  There is a wide variety of housing that falls under the term "vacation home".

  • What seasons will you be using the property?  Many lakeside houses are set up for "three season" use with no heat system, insulation or storm windows.

  • How much fixing up will the house need?  Many vacation homes in our area were modestly constructed and have been inexpensively maintained.  Considerable amounts of your time and/or money may be required to correct deficiencies and catch up on deferred maintenance.

  • Separate from the issue of "fixing up" is how much periodic maintenance will be needed and who is going to do it.  A home that requires a lot of maintenance will result in more time doing repairs than enjoying vacation time.

  • Is the house large enough for your needs?  In our area it is often less expensive to buy a property that is large enough than it is to buy something that is too small and needs an addition or extensive remodeling.

  • Is it safe?  Are the electric system, furnace, fireplace, well and septic in adequate condition?  Are the bedroom windows adequately sized to provide a second means of egress in the event of a fire?  Since vacation homes are only occasionally occupied and are often viewed as more rustic dwellings, these systems are often neglected and in poor condition.

When buying a vacation home don't make your decision before having the property professionally inspected.  We can help.