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Mold Inspections and Testing


moldProfessional Home Inspection Service provides mold inspections and testing for residential and commercial buildings.  While observations regarding mold and conditions conducive to mold may be addressed in our general home inspection reports, it may be appropriate to order a separate mold inspection if a more comprehensive and detailed evaluation is desired. Our mold inspection report describes the specific observed molds, indicates the locations, the quantity (square foot area covered by mold), the type of material upon which the mold is growing, determines the moisture source and makes specific recommendations for mitigating the moisture source and cleaning up or removing the mold. 

mold on woodMold sampling is also available from Professional Home.   Swab sampling is used to test visible or suspected mold on surfaces.  The test area is wiped with the swab and any mold adhering to the swab is microscopically analyzed by a nationally certified laboratory to determine the relative quantity and type of mold.  Air sampling is used to determine the relative concentrations of mold in the air, and involves a simultaneous testing of exterior air to form a baseline for comparison.  Air is pumped past a sticky slide that is then microscopically analyzed to determine the quantity and type of mold in air.   

moldFully accepted mold inspection, testing and analysis standards do not yet exist.  No maximum contamination levels have been determined.  A common sense approach to interpretation and remediation is therefore critical.  If you are particularly mold sensitive or believe the building may have a significant mold issue, mold inspection and testing may be appropriate.