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Serving Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Cortland, Tompkins, Susquehanna and Bradford Counties

Homeowner Maintenance Inspections

Do you have concerns about your home?

We want to make you aware of a service that may be very helpful to you. 

Do you really need a new roof?  What’s the best way to stop the water from coming into your basement?  What should you do about the old asbestos insulation on your heat pipes?  Is it more cost effective to add insulation in your walls or replace your old windows? 

You probably have lots of questions about your home, but who can you turn to for answers?  Plumbers, roofers, and contractors may just want to sell you their services.  You need an objective, unbiased opinion.  You need a professional home inspector.  We sell no products, only our knowledge and expertise.  We will come to your home, listen to your concerns, evaluate the on-site conditions, and provide you with an honest and informed professional opinion and a written report.

Whether you need a simple consultation or a full professional inspection of your home, we can provide the information you need to keep your home in good condition, and to ensure that your home will continue to take good care of you.

For peace of mind call us and order a home consultation or a professional inspection of your home.  We are the largest and most experienced inspection and testing firm in the area, and will be happy to help you live comfortably and safely in your home.