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About Home Inspector Licenses     

 New York State’s Home Inspector Professional Licensing Law was enacted in 2005 to help ensure minimum professional inspection standards.  It was a laudable goal.  Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred.  Consumers are being misled by the law into believing that a home inspector license alone ensures a quality inspection.  It does not.  

Performing a competent home inspection requires an extensive knowledge of the proper installation, function and condition of thousands of components, and the proper integration of all of a home’s components and systems.  Obtaining a license requires little more than minimal inspection related classroom training, and passing an exam considered to be a joke in the profession.  Competence is not required.  To make matters worse the law does not have the teeth to adequately penalize those who fail to follow the law, and the Department of State does not have the money to enforce verification of the law’s minimal continuing education requirements. 

Knowing the condition of a home you want to buy can make the difference between a satisfying and rewarding experience, or a nightmare of unexpected expenses and safety concerns.  Consumers of home inspection services need to look for more than a home inspector license to ensure a quality inspection.  Referrals from satisfied past customers and knowledgeable real estate professionals should be your first step in choosing a truly qualified home inspector.  You should also compare prospective home inspector’s backgrounds, experience, credentials and the relative merit of any professional certifications.   We believe that a diligent search for exemplary professionalism, knowledge and expertise will always lead to the inspectors at Professional Home Inspection Service.