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Environmental Reviews

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Professional Home Inspection Service has partnered with Environmental Data Resources to provide environmental review information for residential home buyers, sellers and owners.  This service provides a comprehensive and easily understandable compilation of specific known or suspected environmental hazards in the neighborhood of the home based on a search of specific national governmental databases. 

 The report, called the Neighborhood Environmental Report, includes the type of hazard, the status of the hazardous site, descriptions and explanations of the databases used, as well as contact information for the relevant government agencies for additional information about any specific environmental hazard sites.  These hazards can include leaking underground tanks, old landfills, superfund sites, meth labs, hazardous material sites, etc.  The actual distances from the home are included to help homeowners assess the degree of concern these sites might pose.  The selected databases are searched to distances most commonly used by environmental professionals. 

Most reports come back with good news, providing the consumer with relatively low cost peace of mind.  On occasions where significant hazards may come to light, our inspectors can help place the risks in context and suggest solutions where feasible. 

Professional Home Inspection Service is providing this service for only $150.00 per report as a stand alone service, and only $100.00 per report in conjunction with a home inspection.  When home buyers are concerned about environmental hazards, the Neighborhood Environmental Report can be the perfect solution.